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Caricol® - Nature's Digestive Support for a Healthy Gut

Embrace Holistic Digestive Wellness with Papa-ya’s Nutritional Power – Naturally and Side Effect Free!


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The Power of Papayas

Papaya regulates digestion, lowers cholesterol, soothes inflammation and is also used in many weightloss diets.*

Caricol® Digest

Effective for digestion & digestive problems*

– Proven in clinical trials

Caricol® Gastro

Effective against heartburn and gastritis*

– Proven in clinical trials

Gut Health

Nowadays, many doctors and nutritionists consider the gut as the “center of health”. An intact gut leads to a well-being of the entire body and thus also to mental health.

Caricol®: Europe's trusted natural digestive support.

Patented pap-aya formulas for gentle relief without side effects. Embraced by health-conscious consumers. Widely available and evidence-backed. Promoting digestive wellness.
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What effects does a papaya have?

What effects does a papaya have? Papaya regulates digestion, is said to be effective against wrinkles, reduces cholesterol levels and soothes inflammation*. If you eat

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