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Papayas contain active digestive enzymes like Chymopapain and Papain, which help to transform proteins to important amino-acids. Caricol® contains 3.75 times more Papain activity than the fresh fruit.*

Furthermore, Caricol® comes in handy stick-packs, which can be taken anywhere at any time.

A first study, conducted in the monastery by an Austrian doctor, confirmed the digestion-regulating effect among 27 participants.*

In further clinical trials in Austrian geriatric centers, Caricol® was tested for its effects on constipation and diarrhea with overwhelming success.*

A pilot study in germany showed, that after a treatment with Caricol®, the inflammation parameter Alpha 1-Antitrypsin could be reduced, which indicates the anti-inflammatory effets of Caricol® in in the colon. Furthermore the participants of the study showed a decrease of flatulence, indisposition and weariness.*

Laboratory studies with living intestinal cells confirmed, that Caricol® protects the intestinal cells and supports their regeneration.*

In a clinical trial including 126 participants, constipation, flatulence, painful defecation and heartburn were studie and the effects of Caricol® were approved.*

The effects as well as the safety of Caricol® were proven by long-term studies. A dose increase was not necessary, even after a year of application.*

Ji Kwang Dae Poep Sa Nim, founder of the monastery, views the digestive system as the root of health and sets a high value on the health of her students. Therefore, only healthy, carefully prepared food is served at the monastery. Also Caricol® conforms with this principle. It is beneficial for every age, and can also safely be taken by babies and pregnant women.*


*These statements have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Caricol® is a dietary food and can be taken by everybody suffering under digestive problems or want to contribute to their general well-being through a healthy digestion.

Caricol® is a natural product, it can be perfectly adapted to the personal needs. A general recommendation is to take one stick of Caricol® after meals, one to three times a day. Preferably pure, but it can also be taken with water, fruit juice or fruit puree

The application is simple: just open the stick at the marked perforation and swipe the content into your mouth!

Normally, digestive problems do not appear overnight, and also do not disappear overnight.

Therefore, Caricol® should be taken regularly as a cure, during several weeks or months.

For some indications like heartburn, abdominal fullness or travel-induced digestive problems, Caricol® can also be taken on short-term or preventiv.

The taking of iron supplements due to anemia can be an additional cause to constipation during pregnancy. A natural, side effect-free product like Caricol® is especially valuable in such circumstances.

During the last third of pregnancy, women increasingly suffer from heartburn; Caricol® can help here as well.

Caricol® is a food in form of a fruit pulp. It is therefore especially suitable for babies with digestive problems, as soon as they can eat pulp.

A third or half of a stick is usually sufficient for babies.


Caricol is a pure natural product made from GMO-free, tree-ripened papaya fruits. The patented preparation procedure of Caricol® multiplies the digestive properties of the papaya. Caricol® also contains small amounts of apple-juice concentrate as well as natural aroma.


In Sri Lanka, after inspection and cleaning, every fruit is manually cut, the seeds are removed and the flesh carved out. Afterwards the flesh is pureed, cooked for several hours and enriched with oxygen. The whole process is computer-controlled and protocolled, to guarantee the conformity to the exact preparation procedure, which is crucial for the digestive effects of Caricol®. Thanks to modern technology, the production of every charge – duration about 10 hours – is monitored on-line from the office of the Caricol GmbH in Austria.


Caricol® is made from tree-ripened papaya fruits from Sri Lanka, which are certified according to the strict organic standards of the EU. Furthermore, Sri Lanka is a GMO-free island.


Sri Lanka is one of few countries in the world, where papayas are grown according to EU-, US- and Japanese organic standards.

The cultivation and processing of the organic papaya fruits on Sri Lanka is supported by the Austrian Development Cooperation. Therefore Caricol® not only supports the well-being of people consuming it; it also adds to the quality of life of Sri Lankan farmers, who are paid fair prices for their papayas.

In deep gratitude for his “second life”, Franz Brenner donates a major part of the profit resulting from the sale of Caricol® to the Lotus Buddhist Monastery.

Caricol® is a pure natural product made from GMO-free, tree-ripened organic papayas. Caricol® is free from artificial preservatives, coloring agents and other additives. Caricol® is heat-resistant and can be exposed to high temperature for short periods of time without influencing the effectivity or durability. It can be stored at room-temperature until the date of expiry.


The recipe and the special way of preparation needed for Caricol®comes from a Buddhist monastery on the Big Island of Hawai’i. Ji Kwang Dae Poep Sa Nim, founder and Dharma master of the monastery, views the digestive system as the root of health. She realized, that certain ingredients and ways of preparation have a significant influence on the health and well-being of her students in the monastery. When the master studied the papaya fruit, she developed a preparation method, which, in a natural way, transforms the fresh, tree-ripened fruits into a potent digestive supplement.


Franz Brenner spent a long time in a Buddhist monastary on the Big Island of Hawai’i. Like all visitors and residents of the monastery, he regularly received the then still unknown papaya preperation from the nuns of the monastery. Fascinated by the effects, he brought the recipe to Europe. After carrying out numerous scientific studies, the preperation was released on the market under the name Caricol®.


It all began with the burn-out syndrome of the Austrien entrepreneur and his recovery at the Lotus Buddhist Monastery on the Big Island of Hawai’i. There he not only embraced the special energy, the “grounding”, meditation and tranquility, but also the special papaya preperation, which was made and applied at the monastery.
After his return to Austria, this led to the foundation of the Caricol – Digestive & Immune Health GmbH, which is specialized on tropic and exotic fruits and products made from them. The most significant product is the digetive product Caricol®, which is meanwhile patented and approved by clinical trials.

In tropical countries the papaya is valued as a health-boosting fruit. As an important active agent, it contains the proteolytic enzyme Papain. Due to the special preperation developed in the monastery, the digestion-aiding properties of the fruit could be concentrated.

Austrians have valued the advantages of this potent but gentle digestive product since 2004. Meanwhile Caricol® is available in 15 countries inside and outside the European Union, including the USA, Russia and Japan.

The name “Caricol” is composed from two words: the latin word for the papaya (Carica papaya L.) and “colon”, where the effects of Caricol®unfold.