Gastro & Digestive Solutions for a Happier You. 😇


In the beginning was the end

After Franz Brenner, a successful entrepreneur, had to experience burnout, he spent over a year at Lotus Buddhist Monastery, Hawaii.

There he learned about a special papaya recipe that was given to all the residents of the monastery by the monks and nuns.

The energizing effect of this papaya recipe fascinated him.

With the approval of Buddhist Master Ji Kwang Dae Poep Sa Nim, he founded the company Caricol and started to make this valuable papaya recipe from the monastery available to other people under the name “Caricol®”.

This is also how the product Caricol® Gastro was born: a natural product for the irritated stomach! A few years and countless scientific studies later, it was also confirmed that Caricol® Gastro is a remedy for heartburn and gastritis. Since 2004 Caricol® Gastro is available in Austria and meanwhile in 15 other countries worldwide.