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5 tips for a successful deceleration

Everyone has their own individual stress triggers. In the “rush hour” of life – around 40 – when, in addition to children, job and household, you may also be taking care of parents who are no longer completely fit, things can get rough. The decisive factor for the stress level is what is perceived internally and not the actual stress level. People react very differently to the same “objective” situation.

  1. Positive thoughts work wonders, unmasking optimism killers helps. What are my expectations of myself? Do my overly high standards of perfection, my comparative thinking or overly competitive behavior make me unhappy? Observing your own thoughts is a good first step to learning to deal with yourself and others a little better and more patiently.

  1. Change of scenery. Going for a jog around the block? Often a short walk, preferably in nature, is enough to relieve stress. Exercise lowers cortisol levels in the blood. This stress hormone is responsible for our ability to flee or defend ourselves in times of imminent danger. In the long run, however, it affects not only our immune system, but especially our digestion.

  1. Take time for everyday things: also for food! Vegan, superfood, Paleo diet or does it not matter anyway? No matter which of the recently propagated nutrition trends also appeals to you, what applies to all: there must be time for eating. Wrong lifestyle habits produce stress hormones, often intensified by too much sugar, caffeine and alcohol. On the other hand, non-carbonated water and herbal teas help to balance the acid-base balance in the body and thus boost the metabolism. Finding the balance between pleasure and health requires attention – but it’s worth it.

  1. Please do not disturb! No, you don’t have to be permanently available. A little selfishness – in a positive sense – has never destroyed a friendship. You can also call back later or not at all. Strength lies in serenity!

  1. A sorrow shared is a sorrow halved. Reflecting on everyday life with a loved one and thus getting some distance from it releases energy for a more solution-oriented view of things. Overcoming problems together creates a bond, a sense of belonging, and possibly the foundation for life friendships.

As different as people are, they have one thing in common: Accepting new things is not easy. Whether you let go of an old “bad” habit or adopt a new “good” one – it doesn’t matter. In any case, it’s a first step in the right direction.

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