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Caricol® Gastro (Copy)

Effective Against Heartburn & Gastritis*

Why Caricol® Gastro?

Caricol® Gastro soothes irritated and inflamed gastric mucosa and relieves the pain of gastritis.*

After the consumption of sumptuous meals, sweets, carbonated drinks or alcohol, many people suffer from an irritated stomach and heartburn. The very unpleasant and painful consequences are sudden stomach discomfort, a feeling of pressure and pain in the upper abdomen, pain during and after eating, burning pain behind the breastbone and acid regurgitation.

If the pain eventually reaches chronic dimensions, it is referred to as “reflux disease”.

Unlike drugs, Caricol® Gastro is free of side effects.*

Science confirms the medical effectiveness of the patented Caricol® Gastro formulation

Studies have shown that by taking Caricol® Gastro, the various types of stomach pain could be relieved.*

→ sudden stomach pain*
→ pain in the upper abdomen*
→ pain during and after meals*

In additional studies on reflux symptoms, it was found that Caricol® Gastro had improved the symptoms of reflux disease in most of the tested persons.*

→ heartburn*
→ acid regurgitation*
→ burning in the throat*
→ difficulty in swallowing*
→ pain behind the breastbone *
→ pain when lying down in the night*
→ feeling of fullness*

*These statements have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Shortly after oral intake, a pleasant feeling covers the stomach area and the pain begins to ease.* Caricol® Gastro reliably covers the irritated gastric mucosa.*

Thereby the patented oat-papaya preparation soothes gastrointestinal irritations quickly and sustainably.*

And because Caricol® Gastro adheres on the stomach mucosa due to its consistency, it protects the mucous membrane from stomach acid and thus prevents further irritation.*

Caricol® Gastro allows a successful treatment of gastritis in the course of a treatment of several months!*

As a dietary supplement, Caricol® Gastro should be taken before or between meals.

Take in 2 packets daily, or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.

1 packet each 15 minutes before a main meal, (e.g lunch or dinner) or between meals (e.g. 1 packet between breakfast and lunch and 1 packet between lunch and dinner).

Pregnant women and children can also use this pure natural product.

Caricol® Gastro is not addictive and is perfectly suitable for permanent intake.