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Effective against heartburn and gastritis*

Proven in clinical trials*

helps against heartburn*

helps against acid regurgitation*

relieves the pain caused by gastritis*

soothes the irritated gastric mucosa*

no burning sensation in the stomach or throat*

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Why Caricol® Gastro?

Caricol® Gastro soothes irritated and inflamed gastric mucosa and relieves the pain of gastritis.*

After the consumption of sumptuous meals, sweets, carbonated drinks or alcohol, many people suffer from an irritated stomach and heartburn. The very unpleasant and painful consequences are sudden stomach discomfort, a feeling of pressure and pain in the upper abdomen, pain during and after eating, burning pain behind the breastbone and acid regurgitation.

If the pain eventually reaches chronic dimensions, it is referred to as “reflux disease”.

How does it work?

Shortly after oral intake, a pleasant feeling covers the stomach area and the pain begins to ease.* Caricol® Gastro reliably covers the irritated gastric mucosa.*

Thereby the patented oat-papaya preparation soothes gastrointestinal irritations quickly and sustainably.*

And because Caricol® Gastro adheres on the stomach mucosa due to its consistency, it protects the mucous membrane from stomach acid and thus prevents further irritation.*

Caricol® Gastro allows a successful treatment of gastritis in the course of a treatment of several months!*

*These statements have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


Among tropical fruits, papaya is a rather alkaline fruit. The low acidity makes it particularly well tolerated and highly suitable for taking in case of stomach irritation.* The papaya contains all essential amino acids, calcium, magnesium and potassium, as well as essential fatty acids and bioflavonoids.*


In northern and central European countries oats are known as a traditional remedy for gastrointestinal irritations. The avenanthramides – effective polyphenols – have proven to be particularly effective for the irritation-reducing and anti-inflammatory properties of oats.* These avenanthramides are released to a particularly high extent by the patented manufacturing process of Caricol® Gastro.*

Caricol Gastro: „Ointment“ for the stomach

Helps with daily pain during digestion – quickly and effectively.* And additionally Caricol® Gastro is a natural product – not a chemical pharmaceutical!

Unlike medical products, such as gastric acid blockers (Pantoprazol or similiar), Caricol® Gastro does not reduce gastric acid or increase the pH level.* Because these negative effects cause increased bacteria to enter the intestine, which is in no way desirable. Gastric acid is important, since it has the natural task to decompose harmful substances, like bacteria. Thus Caricol® Gastro works quite naturally, without interfering with the organism.*

Unlike medical products, Caricol ® Gastro is free from side effects.*

*These statements have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Why is Caricol® Gastro so effective?

Caricol® Gastro is so effective, because it ideally adheres to the stomach wall and remains there.* This adhesiveness is made possible by its unique consistency – a viscoelastic structure.* As a result Caricol® Gastro shows a high wettability and good adhesion to human gastric cells (epithelial cells).* In contrast, ordinary liquids would have long passed the stomach and been excreted without much effect.

By the way....did you know?

The papayas in Caricol® Gastro are grown and harvested in Sri Lanka according to the “Fair Trade” principle. This happens only when they are really ripe. Because in this way not only the taste intensifies, but also the active ingredients contained therein – and that is crucial for the special manufacturing process!

The effect of Caricol® Gastro has already been scientifically tested and medically proven in several clinical studies and in-vitro/ex-vivo studies at the University of Graz, Austria.

Unlike drugs, Caricol® Gastro is free of side effects.*

Science confirms the medical effectiveness of the patented Caricol® Gastro formulation

Studies have shown that by taking Caricol® Gastro, the various types of stomach pain could be relieved.*

→ sudden stomach pain*
→ pain in the upper abdomen*
→ pain during and after meals*

In additional studies on reflux symptoms, it was found that Caricol® Gastro had improved the symptoms of reflux disease in most of the tested persons.*

→ heartburn*
→ acid regurgitation*
→ burning in the throat*
→ difficulty in swallowing*
→ pain behind the breastbone *
→ pain when lying down in the night*
→ feeling of fullness*

*These statements have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

How to use Caricol® Gastro:

As a dietary supplement, Caricol® Gastro should be taken before or between meals.

Take in 2 packets daily, or as directed by a healthcare practitioner.

1 packet each 15 minutes before a main meal, (e.g lunch or dinner) or between meals (e.g. 1 packet between breakfast and lunch and 1 packet between lunch and dinner).

Pregnant women and children can also use this pure natural product.

Caricol® Gastro is not addictive and is perfectly suitable for permanent intake.

Caricol® Gastro is pure nature

Caricol® Gastro is a 100% natural product made from papaya and oats. It is produced following the traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic nutritional science (dietetics).

The papayas are grown in Sri Lanka according to the principle “Fair Trade” and harvested when they are ripe. This is essential for the special manufacturing process. They are grown organically and left to ripen on the tree. Thus not only the taste, but also the active substances intensify as a result.

Customer Reviews

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Brenda Meyer
No more heartburn

I have gerd and watch what I eat and am on medication for it . This product is amazing and works very well taken as directed and also it has decreased my need for medication to control heartburn after meals . Please try it . It works and is a natural !

Juana Castro

Es excelente producto

Jose Chojolan
Did not receive my shipment

I have not received my shipment. Don’t know if it got lost or was delivered to the wrong address. I have not received it. I emailed to inquire about it but have not gotten a response. Definitely one frustrated customer here.

Alex Naksen
Nice product

Nice product, I found it helpful in dealing with my stomach problem.

Awilda Gonzalez

Very good product, helps me to keep my stomach healthy