The Natural Remedy For Gastritis That Works!*

Did You know That Oats And Papayas Protect Your Stomach Wall?*

Oats and papaya are foods used as traditional remedies in many countries of the world. The patented papaya preparation Caricol® has an acid neutralizing effect in the stomach.* The special oat preparation produces mucilage from the fibrous substances in combination with the polysaccharides, which lines and protects the stomach walls.*

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Get Your Product Now

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The Full Power of Papayas

In a single Caricol stick

Caricol®-Gastro soothes an irritated or inflamed stomach lining and relieves pain caused by gastritis.*

Caricol®-Gastro contains the valuable ingredients of Caricol®, a patented extract of tree-ripened organic papaya, and a patented organic oat preparation.

The patented preparation process releases special ingredients from the oats and papaya that nourish, strengthen and protect the gastric mucosa.*

Caricol®-Gastro is a 100% natural product, without added preservatives and dyes. Caricol®-Gastro is pasteurized, contains no thickeners, fillers or soy, and is lactose-free.

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Ointment for the stomach

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