Caricol® Digest

Activates & Balances Your Digestive System*

Effectively and sustainably helps with daily digestive problems, such as slow digestion, constipation and flatulence.*

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Thousands of satisfied customers have been thrilled by Caricol® Digest’s amazing effects against digestive problems. And it’s proven by clinical trials!

The effective & patented papaya preparation

Papaya has valuable ingredients that promote digestion, such as papain. They help the gastrointestinal tract to digest proteins faster and more thoroughly. This helps to dissolve food residues, stimulates the intestinal passage and thus prevents inflammation.

Nowadays, many doctors and nutritionists consider the intestine as the “center of health”. An intact intestine leads to a well-being of the entire body and thus also to mental health.

Caricol® Digest is a 100% natural product from papaya. It is produced in accordance with traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic dietetics. The patented manufacturing process practically multiplies the digestive properties of papaya. This makes them an effective aid for the entire gastrointestinal tract.

Digestion is soothed, regulated and promoted – and all through the power of nature!

It has never been so easy to get rid of these problems!

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Free Sample Pack (20 Sticks) + $6.95 shipping. Original package price $59.

5 Reasons

why Caricol® Digest is the best choice


Among tropical fruits, papaya is a rather alkaline fruit. The low acidity makes it particularly well tolerated and highly suitable for taking in case of stomach irritation.* The papaya contains all essential amino acids, calcium, magnesium and potassium, as well as essential fatty acids and bioflavonoids that nourish, strengthen and protect the gastric mucosa.

The most natural, safest and easiest way to relief your pain from digestive problems. Pain free forever!

In order for Caricol Digest to make sense and to unfold
its UNIQUE effect, in any case, it is recommended to
take it over a period of two or three months. So it’s
really worth getting more than one package!

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Free Sample Pack (20 Sticks) + $6.95 shipping. Original package price $59.

Caricol® Digest

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