Caricol® Gastro 3x

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Brian Mills Sr

Unfortunately, I just read that gluten is one of the ingredients. I have Celiac disease so I can’t use the Caricol. I wish I could! No a slight on the product at all.!

Brenda Meyer
No more heartburn

I have gerd and watch what I eat and am on medication for it . This product is amazing and works very well taken as directed and also it has decreased my need for medication to control heartburn after meals . Please try it . It works and is a natural !

Ernesto Delgado
Great taste

Great taste and perfect balance for the gut.

Izolda Solis
My husband love it!

My husband suffers from heartburn and since he’s been taking this product it has almost completely gone away!

Thank you for your review. We are really happy to hear that!

Jayme Swearingen
Delicious and safe!

I have been using Caricol for the past two weeks and it has helped me a lot! It works just as well as PPI Inhibitors but without the harmful side effects. Caricol is easy to take and it has a pleasant fruity taste. I am very happy with the results.

Thank you very much! It's great to see that Caricol can even replace such pharmaceutical medications....we hope, more people will experience the same.......Best regards!

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